Brandon is generally curious, aloof, and good at things, like Teen Jeopardy. His rampant analytical mind suits him well as a behavioral scientist (i.e., professional people watcher) and the guy who derails casual conversations with facts. Adventure is his passion- geographically, intellectually, gustatory, and emotionally.


Jimmy (an Australian Shepherd) has been his finest companion for the past 8 years, mostly because of shared interests (food, sleep, play, Netflix, snuggle).

Brandon pursues self-actualization, truth, and love. He gets closer to them through travel, science, music, and the many wonderful and shitty people he meets along the way, but mostly wonderful. This blog is a platform for sharing his experiences in pursuit of those goals._S165164 (2)

Brandon is originally from Sherburne, NY and, after several stops along the way, is currently living in Manhattan, KS where he Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at Kansas State University. He studies the connection between social relationships and physical activity and also works within the community in various ways to improve public health. He also has few reservations about referring to himself in the third person.

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