The Tiny House, Manhattan Team


After getting fed up with the current lack of affordable housing, Brandon decided to build a tiny home circa December of 2015. He has always been a minimalist and adventuresome fellow, making a tiny house the perfect project. He has very little building experience and relies heavily on the internet and a strong community of friends in Manhattan for support. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at Kansas State University and envisions tiny houses being a sensible solution to public health problems, including physical inactivity, affordable housing, community, and sustainability.

Brady has been a resident of Manhattan, KS since 1976. He is passionate about building things, creative work, and helping people. Brady has over 24 years of residential and commercial construction experience (residential and commercial license in Riley County 1996-2002; Supervisor and Master carpenter @ Buildwiser LLC from 2002-2006). Brady is also a bitchin’ guitar teacher at Rick’s Music shop in Manhattan, is a certified scuba divemaster, and certified EMS. He also grills a mean steak.


After realizing that a pharmacy career was not her idea of fun, Julia pulled a 180 and quickly redirected her path towards design. She quickly fell in love with design and has since harnessed its great power to create sustainable solutions for people and the planet. Julia is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Apparel, Textiles, and Interior Design at Kansas State University where she teaches interior design studios, building information modeling software, and environmental control systems. Whether she is teaching, researching, hiking, or selecting the best brand of toilet paper, sustainability and ecologically conscious decisions are ever present.  The tiny house movement is of particular interest since it engages the local community needs, design, and sustainable strategies in one tiny package.


Sean is a Graphic designer and fabrication specialist in Branford, Connecticut. He received his BS in Industrial Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. With experience in furniture design, and driven by a passion for simplicity and space efficiency, he hopes to make an impact in Brandon’s tiny house office space. When he is not working, or assisting Brandon with fulfilling one of his own personal dreams, he devotes his spare time to coaching and molding young minds in the local youth lacrosse league.


A Kansas native, and a recent graduate of Kansas State University, Michaela is passionate about new adventures and improving health and sustainability through interior design. As a homebody, usually leaving her house only to gather food, model surfwear, and record music, she is keen on living comfortably and maximizing and creating functional spaces. She hopes to create the baddest-ass interior in Brandon’s tiny house (and maybe more tiny houses in the future). In her free time, she catches up on NASA research, snuggles with her furbabies, and travels to the west coast as much as possible.